River Frome

River FromeĀ 

This is a beautiful stretch of the River Frome that offers something for everyone. It has deep slow sections that are almost canal like, to fast shallow sections and a few deep holes. For the most adventurous there is even a weir pool or two.

Our stretch is the Bath side of the river and runs from the A36 road bridge at Woolverton, downstream for about 1 mile to the Mill at Rode. There are 3 places to park, the first is just before you get to the river on the A36. Turn right into Shawford Lane (BA11 6SG). There is a small pull in on the right that is big enough for 2 vehicles. You then have to walk the small distance down the A36 over the bridge and then climb the fence to the river. The second place is as you go into Woolverton, take the first turning right (BA2 7QT) towards the mill at Rode. After 30 yards you turn right and shortly after there is a gate on the right with the WDAC sign on it. You can either park inside the gate and walk across the fields to the river or in dry weather you can speak to the farmer and drive down to the river. The third place to park is in the car park at the Mill in Rode(BA11 6AG). You can fish here all the way up to the A36.

The River contains roach, dace, perch, chub, pike and a few big bream and trout. Five years ago the EA stocked a large number of small barbel and last season recorded the first few to be caught. Largest scaled just over 6lbs which is looking good for the future. Large chub can be caught on bread and meat on the feeder and good catches of roach and dace can be had on hemp & casters. Maggots will attract the minnows so larger baits are recommended.